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Protecting People, Protecting Plant, Protecting Profits

Why GKD?

We build our business on safety so you can build your business safely

GKD Technik brings experience and expertise to you with excellent engineering capability and technical support.

GKD Technik is built on a commitment to protect your people, plant and profits. As a successful global company we have a proven track record of developing and delivering effective electronic safety systems and productivity solutions enabling you to ensure that your staff are protected, safe and your profitability enhanced:

Protecting People - Protect your personnel from on site accidents and incidents, ensuring that machine operators can see them and they safely perform lifting operations, operate at safe heights and within safe levels.

Protect site managers by supporting health and safety requirements that they safely preform their legal and personal responsibilities to ensure staff, equipment and operating systems are safe.

Protecting Plant - Ensuring your valuable equipment is operating safely and efficiently. Reducing the risk of downtime due to incident and ensuring your equipment is working within safe limits.

Protecting Profits - Ensuring that your business is working to its optimum ­ safely and efficiently.

Some of the leading companies in plant and machinery systems use our customer-focused solutions, which are underpinned by certification to ISO 9001; assuring all of our products are manufactured to the highest standard in line with International Quality Standards.

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