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TXM Plant


This page contains all the planners that TXM Plant should require for their machines.

If there are any planners missing from this page, please email with which planners you think should be included.

SK200 Monsterbug 6m dipper Planner V6 (1404 KB)
Komatsu Ultimate 250 Planner V6 (1200 KB)
SK200 Monsterbug 3m 1.2m dipper Planner V6 (1406 KB)
Komatsu PC110 GOS install 2.3m dipper planner (1199 KB)
Kobelco SK135 Hydrex Planner V6 (1356 KB)
Kobelco SK135 mono Hydrex Planner V6 (1372 KB)
Komatsu PC110 added cw Hydrex Planner V6 (2051 KB)
Komatsu PW150 Ultimate RRC110 Planner V6 (1219 KB)

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