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GKD has a proven track record of delivering high quality products and customer centric services. We listen, understand and support our customers whilst letting our products and approach do the talking. Core to all of our products is a design philosophy that puts the customers requirements and needs first and foremost; this increases user friendliness and product reliability.

We pride ourselves on making modern customer focused products; central to this is the ability to provide support in a timely efficient manner. With this in mind our systems are designed and manufactured in such as way that customer engineer’s and operators can form the first line of service with an ability to diagnose the problem and perform minor repairs themselves should the need arise.

We train our dealers and distributors in repair and maintenance of GKD systems enabling them to service their own needs and ultimately delivering timely worldwide technical assistance to our customers.


Ticketing System

GKD employs the aid of an externally based ticketing system to monitor and record inquiries from customers by registering them as tickets. Tickets can be created by both staff here at GKD and you, the customers. The system also allows customers visability of their tickets to check the status and location of them and even comment on them to provide extra information.

If you wish to raise a support ticket for us, follow this link.


UK Support Centres

We provide first-rate technical support to every one of our customers.

Call Us On: 01202 971971 or email us at:

Where one of our product support team will be more than happy to assist with your query.

GKD Planners
Now available, the New Planners (updated March 2018). The planners on this page are free to download. Unzip the archive and copy the enclosed folder to a suitable directory or your hard drive. Open the folder and click on the capacity calculator executable in file contained.

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