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Incline Alert - Incline Monitoring for Construction Plant

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incline-largeThe Incline Alert electronic safety system has been successfully developed to improve machine operator safety and reduces the risk of vehicle overturns when working on an incline. The incline monitoring system also allows machine rental company engineers to see if the machine has been overturned at a glance and without having to assess machine after each rental.


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The Incline Alert system allows the operator to work safely and with confidence within the defined safe incline limit envelope for their machine. Outputs from the Incline Alert are triggered when the machine angle is beyond the defined envelope limits, and can be used to drive an external alarm or beacon, or to link a third party device (such as a GPS tracker) to give remote warning that the machine is being used beyond it's defined incline limits.
Incline Alert has been designed to be simple to install and calibrate, and consists of a sensitive and accurate pitch and roll angle sensor mounted on the excavator or plant body, and a display at the operator station.

Orientation Specific Limits - Separate incline limits can be set for the machine facing uphill, downhill and across slope.

Overturn Logging - Should the machine actually overturn (greater than 60° incline) a dedicated flashing red LED on the display is triggered, which can only be turned off by an authorised engineer. This feature makes it possible to tell at a glance whether or not an overturn has been detected whilst in use, giving peace of mind for owners and rental firms.
The Incline Alert system has been developed to meet an identified need for incline monitoring in the construction and utility maintenance industries, particularly for smaller excavators, which carry a higher risk of overturning, rollers, dumpers and telescopic handlers.

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