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A - Atlas

Atlas 1404 planner V6 (1213 KB)
Atlas 1604 SES (181 KB)
DATAEXE atlas ses alh
Atlas 1604 Keltbray Planner V6 (1199 KB)

E1300, A Phillips install

Atlas 1604 QTS Planner V6 (1192 KB)
Atlas Terex 1604 GOS install (1199 KB)

GOS installed, TXM

Atlas Terex 1604 TXM / Quattro (942 KB)

Hargreaves install, 2.0m dipper, TXM 5628.5632, 6104, 6147, 6169, 6204, 6763, and Quattro QPL477, 478, 479, 480.

Atlas Gigarailer 10 1604K Planner TXM / Readypower (1198 KB)

Hargreaves Install

Atlas Gigarailer 12 TXM Planner (2382 KB)

Hargreaves install, 5m / 1.8m dippers.  TXM 6500 and 6501. Readypower FR648.

atlas Gigerrailer 12 Ready power/txm 4 mtr and 1.8mtr dipper (179 KB)

 FR637 FR638 FR639 FR640 FR641 FR642 FR643 FR645 FR646.

TXM 6506 6507 6530 6537

C - CASE - Cat

Case 988 Planner V6 (1330 KB)
Case 988 Hargreaves Install Planner (1196 KB)

Shovlin Plant Hire

Case 988 Keltbray Triple Artic Planner V6 (1288 KB)
Case 988 Keltbray Monoboom E1113 Planner V6 (4862 KB)
Case 988 Megarailer Readypower Planner V6 (1195 KB)

Case 988 Megarailer Planner V6, Fitzgerald Install, Readypower

Case 988 Monoboom - Fitzgerald Install (1196 KB)

Readypower FR601 (99709940008-4) FR604 (99709940016-7)

Case 988 Monoboom Hargreaves Install (1197 KB)

Bradshaws 84

Case 988 Offset Boom Planner V6 (1197 KB)

Bradshaws Case 988 Offset Boom, Hargreaves install.

Case CX135 Heavy Lift Readypower planner V6 (2056 KB)
Case CX135 Monoboom Planner  V6 (1445 KB)
Case CX135 Offset Boom Planner V6 (1217 KB)
Case WX170 Planner V6 (1204 KB)
Case WX170 A Phillips Install V8 (964 KB)

Quattro 232804 QPL253, 254.

Case WX170 Mega Dual Dipper Planner (2402 KB)

A Phillips install, Keltbray, 4.75m and 2.10m dippers

Case WX170 Planner Fitzgerald Install (1195 KB)
Case 988 GOS Install Planner V8 (954 KB)

Quattro QPL100 and QPL101

D - Daewoo - Doosan

Daewoo 130 RRC056-057 Planner V6 (1340 KB)
Daewoo 140 Planner V6 (1372 KB)

F - Futurewood

Futureweld Doosan Welder RRC200 Planner V6 (1202 KB)


JCB JZ140 Planner V6 (1199 KB)
JCB JS160 Planner V6 (1215 KB)
JCB JZ140R Story Rail planner V8 (944 KB)

A Phillips install JCB JZ140R for Story Rail

JCB JZ140 GOS install planner V8 (938 KB)

JCB JZ140 GOS install planner V8, FOT RRC129 + subsequent machines. Quattro QPL 202 and 203.

K - Kobelco - Komatsu

Kobelco SK135 2.3+2.5+2.1 Planner V6 (1379 KB)

Suitable for Quattro QPL684, 685, 686

Kobelco SK135 2.3+2.5+2.1m TXM Planner V6 (1353 KB)

GOS install TXM triple artic

Kobelco SK135 Mono TXM Planner V6 (1369 KB)

TXM, GOS install, monoboom SK135

L - Liebherr

Liebherr 900 straight boom Kings install (1200 KB)

Liebherr 900 with straight boom, Kings install.

Liebherr 900ZW QTS planner V6 (1199 KB)
Liebherr A900 Bendi (offset) boom planner V8 (946 KB)

Kings install, Story Rail

Liebherr ZW900 Caledonian Planner V6 (1199 KB)
Liebherr ZW900 Story Planner (1199 KB)

APL install

Liebherr ZW900 twin axle unlock planner (1139 KB)

Story Rail, lo rail twin unlocking axles Liebherr ZW900

Liebherr A900 Hargreaves (944 KB)
Liebherr A900 Hargreaves

M - Mecalac

Mecalac 12MBX Planner V6 (1846 KB)

Quattro fleet number 692

Mecalac 14MBX  Planner V6 (1524 KB)

Hargreaves install.
Suitable for Quattro machines with fleet numbers: 337, 339, 340, 341, 342, 343, 344, 345.

Mecalac 14MXT AJH install (941 KB)

Hargreaves install Mecalac 14MXT, FOT 30822. TXM 6337 and 4029

O - O and K

OandK MH5S UL 231.78 Planner V6 (1219 KB)
OandK MH5S 232.3 Planner V6 (1832 KB)
OK MH5S A P Webb 232.3 Planner V6 (1219 KB)

S - SK

SK200 Monsterbug 3m 1.2m Dipper Planner V6 (1402 KB)
SK200 Monsterbug 6m Dipper Planner V6 (1402 KB)
SK200 Monsterbug Planner GOS Install 1530rev4 (3573 KB)
SK200 Monster Crane TXM (196 KB)

SK200 GOS install, Palfinger Crane TXM


GKD Planners
Now available, the new V6.41 Planners (updated 19th March 2013). The planners on this page are free to download Unzip the archive and copy the enclosed folder to a suitable directory or your hard drive. Open the folder and click on the capacity calculator executable in file contained.


For legacy planners please follow this link 

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