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Dealers and Distributors

At GKD Technik we pride ourselves on providing top class systems around the world through our range of dealers and distributors.

As safety becomes a more global concern, our systems are finding applications and uses around the world.

Our software and product design services  mean GKD can design systems to meet OEM requirements or Local Legislative Requirements.

All of our dealers and distributors are trained to service the systems they provide.

UK installers/Distributor

Allan J Hargreaves Plant Engineers Ltd - Blackpool 

Fitzgerald Plant Service - Cwmbran

GOS Tool and Engineering - Blaenavon

King Trailers - Market Harborough

EP Industries - Derbyshire

Peter Hanlon Engineering - Ireland

Prolift Handling Ltd - Ireland

TFI - Canterbury

UK PWS Distributor

OnGrade - Ferndown


Europe installers/Distributor

Colmar Technik SRL - Italy

Gebr Koerts Techniek BV - The Netherlands

Neotec - France

RDS Electronics BVBA - Belgium 

Rosenqvist Rail - Sweden

UNAC - France


Rest of the World Installers/Distributors

Empretec - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Global Survey - Auckland, New Zealand

Sia and Yeo - Singapore

Petromech - Melboure, Australia

Plantmech - Brisbane, Australia

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