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We got ahead by listening

Now we’re planning to take this further. Over the last few years we’ve achieved an increased share of the useage of RCI safety technology on railways making us the world leader in this sector. This was not done by hard sell but by immersing ourselves in the wants and needs of the people and organisations responsible for the repairs and maintenance of the of the millions of miles of rail track around the globe.

And we continue to do so because we can’t afford to rest on our laurels and take our clients for granted. We continuously keep in touch with project planners, engineers and our customers - the users of our products - enabling us to identify their needs and meet them.

However, we are often asked to add to or modify our RCI products ­ bespoke them if you will. This can prove costly for us and consequently for our clients. We therefore concluded that if we could design products with all the facilities and functions built in thus reducing the need to bespoke, it could provide substantial operational and financial benefits to our clients, their clients and ourselves. So now we have decided to step up the interaction we have with clients and their customers in order that we can more accurately assess future needs and continually translate them into tangible workable solutions.

Members of this forum  can express their views, question us and other members of the forum, input ideas and generally keep pace with what’s happening at the sharp end of RCI safety technology.

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