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2RCI - Rated Capacity Indicator

2RCI new superimposedRelated to the 3RCI road rail vehicle load control system, the 2RCI features many of the advanced techniques that have ensured the 3RCI success in the European road rail market.

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2RCI is a rated capacity indicator for hydraulic backhoe 360° excavators. The system may be fitted to single or two-piece boom machines and is designed to satisfy regulation regarding use of excavators as a crane.
In addition to the rated capacity indicator functions the 2RCI provides added benefits to the user, with digging depth indication, which helps to reduce over-digging of the trenches or can assist in the placement of lifted items. Height limiting also allows the operator to operate in restricted headroom areas.
Compatible with EN13000 crane standards, the 2RCI can be used for excavators fitted with additional attachments including forks and jibs.
- Slew based lifting duties allow full utilisation
- Slew limiting
Optional expansion modules Include:
- Intelligent hydraulic motion cut to all booms on overload
- Automatic lifting duty selection based on slew position
- Full data logging at 1-second intervals
2RCI uses a compact touch-screen display and is capable of being installed in most operator cabs. The 4.3 inch high brightness LCD touch screen provides the operator with an easy read graphical interface. In built to the system is on-screen help.

All excavators used as cranes are usually rated for use with one lifting setting (lifting duty). This duty is applied throughout the swing/slew of the machine. 2RCI can provide up to 16 duties within the slew, which can be switched automatically.
Advance sensor monitoring means that the electronics are proven and can diagnose sensor failures, displaying the fault onto the screen.
The 2RCI rated capacity indicator is designed for the construction and utility maintenance industries and is universally installed on all types of machines. Articulated boom, long reach, mini excavator and backhoe loader are just a few examples.

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