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1TMI - Total Moment Indicator

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1TMI-largeThe 1TMI is a cost effective load control system designed to:
- Maximise the lift capacity of your excavator, loader or crane
- Reduce the risk of machine overturns through overloading
- Comply with UK and European legislation when performing lift duties

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The 1TMI load control system monitors the load moment status of a machine being used for lifting, and alerts the operator of the potential for overload as the load status approaches the maximum lift capacity of the machine.

The machine operator is provided with a visual indication of load status as it passes 50%, 75% and 100% of the machine's maximum safe lift capacity, with an additional audible warning as 100% of safe lift capacity is achieved.

An internal relay is switched at 100% of safe lift capacity and may be used to provide additional audible alerts using an external alarm, additional visual alerts using an external warning lamp or hydraulic motion cut on overload.
- An angle sensor fitted to the machine's primary boom
- A hydraulic pressure transducer measuring the hydraulic pressure in the primary boom lift cylinder
- An electronic display at the operator station
1TMI provides accurate, cost effective capacity monitoring in the construction and utility maintenance industries for hydraulic excavators, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders and lorry-mounted cranes.

CAN to USB Unit (V300105) Is Also Required for Initial Set-Up/Configuration; Only 1 Required per Fleet, Not One per System. This Unit Is Not Available On Our Online Shop, So Please Call Us To Add To Order If Needed.

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