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1HLI-R - Height Limiter for Rail

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The 1HLI-R height limiter is a variant of the 1HLI height limiting system developed for the rail maintenance and renewal industry for road rail applications. Not all road rail vehicles (RRV’s) will require the full SpaceGuard safety system but operations will still be vulnerable to the danger of live overhead wires and other hazards working in confined spaces. The 1HLI-R provides a simple and cost-effective solution, with all of the latest advances in rail safety included.

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Like the 1HLI the 1HLI-R enables the RRV operator to define a pre-set limit of the machines boom on the 1HLI-R operator station, preventing movement of the boom outside of the pre-set limit. This road rail vehicle height limiting system monitors the angle of a single boom and provides a motion cut signal output when the angle is exceeded. HLI-R also utilises dual redundancy where the system identifies any mismatch between the two sensors to increase the reliability and safety.
- This dual redundant system uses both Direct Drive and Gravity Referenced Angle Sensors on the primary boom to sense the boom position
- A mismatch between the two angle sensors causes an error state to be triggered
- Vehicle gradient is automatically compensated for
- Additional outputs will drive external status lamps to indicate the height limiter status externally
- Extra safety has been added through dual redundancy
The 1HLI-R height limiter, originally developed for the Australian rail industry, is for all high availability height limiting applications, to be used on road rail vehicles (RRV’s) also known as ‘Hy-Rail’ vehicles.

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